May 1st 2018
Congrats to Alex G. and co-workers! Our collaboration with the Stradiotto group is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis.

April 12th 2018
Congratulations to Erin and Blake for receiving NSGS entrance scholarships, and to Blake for receiving a Level 2 Killam Predoctoral scholarship (One of Dalhousie's most prestigious internal scholarships). The group had a nice dinner at A Mano to celebrate these successes, and Tien and Matt's recent MSc defenses.

April 5th 2018
Erin Welsh gives a great defense for her fourth year honours project on chiral diazaphospholenes!

March 21st 2018
Matt Adams becomes the second MSc graduate of the Speed group, with another excellent defence. Awesome job Matt! Our collection of Veuve Clicquot bottles is growing!

March 8th 2018
Chieh Hung Tien becomes the first MSc graduate of the Speed group with an excellent defence! Great job Tien! Proper PPE is recommended when popping the Champagne!

Feb 28th 2018
Diazaphospholenes work just as well on the West coast as the East coast! The Wulff group at UVic uses diazaphospholenes for a tough reduction:

Feb 27th 2018
Alex has a very enjoyable trip to UWO in London Ontario to serve as Dr. Cameron Graham's external examiner. Great job Cam!

Feb 21st 2018
Congratulations to Toren for receiving a Faye Sobey Undergraduate Research Award to support his summer research into asymmetric catalysis.

Feb 15th 2018
Blake gives a great Seminar I on organocalcium chemistry!

Feb 12th 2018
Our fifth paper is accepted. Congrats Toren and Erin!

Feb 9th 2018
Alex is profiled in the Synform Young Career Focus:

Dec 7th 2017
Tien gives a well received Seminar I on asymmetric reactions catalyzed by Cinchona Alkaloids.

Dec 4th 2017
Erin gives a great fall presentation for her fourth year honours project.

Nov 3rd 2017
Our fourth paper is accepted. Congrats Matt and Tien!

Nov 2nd 2017
Matt gives a well received Seminar I on Photoredox Metal Catalysis.

October 27th 2017
Happy early Halloween:

Raiden says "Let's try some electrochemistry"        "Probably not an appropriate group picture"

Octobet 11th 2017
Paper #3 is in press:

October 3rd 2017
Our third paper is accepted. Congrats Tien and Matt! Stay tuned for more exciting results!

October 2nd 2017
Alex travels to Sackville, New Brunswick, to give a talk at Mount Allison university.

September 16th 2017
Speed group members present at the Dalhousie Research Symposium.

September 15th 2017
Alex's post-doc mentor Amir Hoveyda visits to give a rockin' (literally thanks to a concert next door) Chute lecture.

Dinner with mentors Amir Hoveyda and Jean Burnell.

September 8th 2017
Congrats to Tien, Blake, and Alex G. for winning departmental awards.

September 5th 2017
Welcome Lani! The semester starts, and the Speed group has a busy and productive semester ahead.

August 29th 2017
Congrats to Blake, Tien, Matt, and Alex G. for presenting their first advisory committee meetings with flying colours!

August 1st 2017
Congrats to Blake for being awarded a NSGS graduate scholarship!

June 5th 2017
Welcome Erin!

May 28th 2017
Matt, Blake, Tien and Alex travel to Toronto for the 100th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference.

May 1st 2017
Welcome to Mostafa and Toren!

April 12th 2017
The Speed group is awarded an NSERC Discovery grant! Plenty of discoveries await, so stay tuned.

April 5-6th 2017
Cheyenne, Michael, Dianne, and Kristen successfully defend their honours theses! The Speed group continues to impress the chemistry department with our productivity. Best of luck to you in your exams!
"Almost all of us, minus a few exceptions (MC, AG, AS)"

April 2nd 2017
Our recent Angewandte Chemie Publication is highlighted in Synfacts.

March 20th 2017
Alex has an enjoyable trip to the University of New Brunswick to present the group's first invited lecture! Less fun, spraining his ankle on his way home :(

March 16th 2017
Our recent Angewandte Chemie publication is highlighted in Organic Process Research and Development March issue.

Feb 1st 2017
Our second paper, on diazaphospholene precatalysts, appears in Angewandte early views. Congrats Matt, Tien and Blake!

Jan 12th 2017
Our second paper is accepted. Stay tuned!

Nov 27th 2016
Alex is a "Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardee" for 2017. Thanks to the editorial boards of Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts for the encouragement!

September 8th 2016
Welcome to Dianne and Kristen, and welcome back Cheyenne and Michael.

September 7th 2016
Our first publication is accepted and in press! Congrats Blake and Matt!

August 16th 2016
We attended the Maritime Natural Products Conference in Halifax, and enjoyed learning all about natural product isolation, characterization, classification, and uses.

July 27th 2016
Welcome to Alex G., our collaborator on ligand design in the Stradiotto group!

 July 2nd 2016
Happy 1st birthday to our research group.

June 25th 2016
Happy 45th birthday to our nasties glovebox.


June 20th 2016
Congrats to Matt for receiving a Nova Scotia Black and First Nations Graduate Entrance Scholarship!

June 1st 2016
Congrats to Matt and Tien on their graduation! On to bigger, and better.... and the same.... things :)

May 2nd 2016
Michael joins the group as a summer volunteer. Welcome!

April 27th 2016
Our move is complete and chemistry has resumed in our new lab. Check out all the space!

April 14th 2016
The group gets its first crystal structure. Stay tuned for what it is! (Update: Check out publication #1!)

April 13th 2016
We're moving from the third floor to the fourth floor of the chemistry building. Photos of our new lab will be posted as soon as set-up and cleaning is done. For now, here is a teaser:

April 5th 2016
Congratulations to Blake for receiving an NSERC CGS-M, Tien for receiving a Master's Nova Scotia Graduate Entrance Scholarship and a Killam Scholarship, and Matt for receiving an NSERC USRA.

Feb 16th 2016
Alex takes advantage of an unwanted vacation due to a curling accident to launch his group's web presence.

Jan 5th 2016
Cheyenne joins the group as an experiential learning student. Welcome!

Oct 23rd 2015
Alex walks down the street to give a talk at Saint Mary's University.

Sept 24th 2015
Alex visits Wolfville N.S. to give a talk at Acadia University.

Sept 7th 2015
Blake, Tien and Matt join the group. Welcome!

Aug 14th 2015
Group is temporarily back to one. Thanks for the help setting up, and starting chemistry Alex R!

August 4th 2015
A big order of custom glassware arrives. Our in-house glassblowing facilities are much appreciated!

July 27th 2015
Chemistry is full "Speed" ahead:

July 19th 2015
We do our first air free reaction.

July 15th 2015
Our glovebox is reassembled and operational.

July 9th 2015
Alex R. Joins the group. First project, get set up!

July 2nd 2015
Speed lab is open for business. Thanks to Dalhousie University Chemistry Department and Faculty of Science for start-up funding, and to many chemistry faculty for generous sharing of equipment and chemicals.